Welcome to Jordan Kuwait Bank, Cyprus Branch

JKB Values

We, the Jordan Kuwait Bank family, represented by all its senior and executive management and staff members, adopt the values​​, principles and ethics set forth below while performing our duties and in our relationships with our colleagues, the Bank’s clients and shareholders as well as the general public working with the Bank.  Such values and principals are the guidelines for our behavior, our reference when judging issues and the standard that governs our actions. 

These ethics, values ​​and principles are:


We rise above any statement, action or position that is in any way contrary to being honest and trustworthy. We will remove ourselves from any situation that may cause suspicion or affect the reputation of our profession and the Bank.

Compliance with the laws 

We recognize that we belong to a financial institution that is subject to perform its operations according to laws and regulations and that abiding to the laws and instructions and complying with the regulations depends on us. We are aware that should there be any negligence from our behalf, we are putting the Bank at risks and financial losses and we, at the same time, endure any liabilities and responsibilities.


We understand transparency to be clarity, performing our duties in the open and not withholding any facts or information, and disclosing all information that is to be declared as required by the laws and regulations and within the rules of ethics.

Loyalty to the Bank

Our loyalty to the Bank means voluntary and unconditional devotion to Jordan Kuwait Bank, an institution we belong to, work for, which provides our source of income, and provides us with the opportunity to prove ourselves and achieve our self value and status in addition to our professional and personal development.