Welcome to Jordan Kuwait Bank, Cyprus Branch

Employee Training and Development

In order to provide the best banking services in a manner that complies with Jordan Kuwait Bank's objectives and strategy, we offer equal job opportunities for everyone.  We invest in our human resources and provide them the needed atmosphere to develop and progress.  We work as one team.  In order to strengthen this approach, we have adopted special rewards programs, incentives and training that primarily rely on the level of excellence and job performance, as well as personal capabilities.

We have worked hard at creating an institutional culture that focuses on training and rehabilitation, as well as raising the level of knowledge, with the aim of increasing productivity, rationalizing work procedures, and fulfilling the Bank’s strategic objectives.

The objectives of our training programs focus on the following:

  • Keeping abreast with developments and updates pertaining to the internal work environment, which includes the systems, policies and procedures.
  • Developing staff skills in a manner that would contribute to reducing work procedures, and in turn decreasing operational costs, improving productivity, and raising the level of operational efficiency.
  • Developing employees’ educational and professional qualifications by providing exceptional and qualitative training opportunities and in a manner that achieve the employee’s career ambitions.
  • Developing human resource management systems in a manner that fulfills the interests of the employees and the Bank.
  • Building the future leadership the Bank through the career path program.