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Project Finance and Syndications

Jordan Kuwait Bank, through its Project Finance & Syndications department, offers large-sum term loans by contributing its own funds as well as mobilizing funds from third parties and forming a Syndicate of banks which allows for larger financing funds and sharing of commercial credit risk of projects among participating lenders.

We participate in syndicated loans either through assuming the role of arranging the loan (as a Mandated Lead Arranger) or through participating with other lending institutions as a participant bank.

Syndicated loans can also be provided in the form of Project Finance type of financing. Project Finance type of financing provides greater flexibility to lenders as:

  • Repayment of the loan is secured by the cash-flow of the project without any mortgage of the project assets or shareholders’ guarantees.
  • No historical financial statements are necessary as the project can be implemented through a special purpose company with the sole purpose of developing the project.

Jordan Kuwait Bank has arranged a number of Syndication loans for major projects in Jordan and has also participated in Syndication loans as a participant bank in most of the major projects that have been implemented in Jordan.

As the Project Finance & Syndications team has been involved in the arranging and closing of numerous major Project Finance and Syndication loans, the team has enough expertise and experience to arrange the most complicated Syndication and Project Finance deals.

For more information, contact our Project Finance & Syndications team by phone at: +357 25 87 55 55